Both the Caatinga and the Cerrado shelter amazing landscapes, vast variety of flora, fauna, water resources, and great social and cultural diversity. Despite the numerous challenges faced, their people have interacted with difficulties in an increasingly proactive manner. This can be backed by figures and demonstrated by the growth and sustainability of enterprises from these biomes operating in domestic and foreign markets, getting rid of the stigma of lack of liaison and poverty to become healthy communities, having as a market differential a respectful relationship with nature and traditional knowledge.
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The Caatinga Cerrado Eco-Productive Communities Initiative has worked with a group of approximately 20,000 families of producers, represented by around 200 enterprises (cooperatives and associations) and 20 networks in 14 Brazilian states. The initiative open to welcome enterprises that share the same vision: to promote Brazilian sociobiodiversity. See criteria for participation.

These enterprises are run by men and women who work with quality products, fruit of a process of harmonious relationship with the environment. These producers have been able to make progress in the use of new technologies, in expanding their businesses, and in the qualification of labor, without losing sight of traditional knowledge. Social actors are showing that it is possible to access national and international niche markets, ensuring social inclusion and sustainable development at the local level. It is worth getting to know these experiences.

Enterprises present in different editions of the Caatinga Cerrado Stand

  1. ExpoSustentat 2009:
    See catalog for the 2009 Stand | Access the list of enterprises (in Portuguese)
  2. ExpoSustentat 2008:
    See catalog for the 2008 Stand | Access the list of enterprises (in Portuguese)
  3. ExpoSustentat 2007:
    See catalog for the 2007 Stand (in Portuguese)
    Visit the site of the Northeast & Cerrado Stand 2007
  4. ExpoSustentat 2006:
    See catalog for the 2006 Stand (in pdf) (in Portuguese)

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Networks and partnerships related to the Caatinga Cerrado Initiative

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